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Coilology Coil Pack 7 in 1 (42 coils)

Regular price $18.90

Not sure what coil suits, how each type vapes, or what you enjoy. This kit gives you an introduction to a range of different configurations at an affordable price. A total of 42 coils in N80 or SS316 plus Cotton Wicking Strips.

Each pack contains:
6 x Fused Claptons, 2 x 26/36g
6 x Tri-core Fused Claptons, 3 x 26/36g
6 x Staple Claptons, 8 x 0.1*0.3/36g
6 x Framed Staple Claptons, 2 x 28/4 x 0.1*0.3/36g
6 x Multi Strands Fused Clapton, 2 x 28/9 x 38/36g
6 x Chain Link, 4 x 28g
6 x Juggernaut, 2 x 26/0.1*0.4/2 x 36
12 x Organic Cotton Strips

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